14 September 2008

A Grim Reminder

I was just listening to  Rep. Kevin Brady discuss what he's seen in his district in the aftermath of Hurricane Ike.  One of the things he mentioned was seeing bodies lying in the street.  The bodies were from a nearby cemetery.  I guess it shows two things... that nature is no respecter of the dead, and don't count on finding your ancestors where you left them.

05 February 2008

Return to Blogging/Andrew P. Clendening

After a long pause, I'll try to update my research on a more timely basis. Keeping in that vein....

I've finally found a photo of the headstone for Andrew P. Clendening. Andrew was the only son of my great-great-great grandfather Robert W. Clendening to serve in the Civil War. Andrew died 8 Apr 1865, far from home.. at the Union Army hospital on David's Island, near Staten Island. He is buried in Cypress Hills National Cemetery in Brooklyn. I don't know if any of his family have ever visited this grave site.

A big thanks to "Historical Passion" for posting my headstone request on Findagrave.